What Makes A Good Manager (Leader) – Part 4

NOTE: Continuing this series…

In the last post, I discussed E.Q. in the context specifically of “business E.Q.” and how it related to the fundamental theorem of leadership:  [Vision] + [E.Q.] = CEO/leadership material.

I’m now going to drill down and focus on one of the most important elements of E.Q. which is…

Emotional Control Stemming From Internal Fortitude

In your journey as a manager, you will encounter people within your organization who are skeptical of your decision-making.  You may hear things like: “he’s difficult to work with” & “he never chooses my suggestions” & “he’s too opinionated.”

In your journey, you will encounter naysayers from outside your company who look at your decision-making as sub-optimal, heck, they even may label it flat-out “stupid.”

You need to be able to maintain calm, project confidence, & continue to be the “rock” upon which the company is built, even when you are confronting the haters, the doubters & the whispers of people who don’t concur with your decisions.

Internally in your company, you need to have processes to allow people to verbalize their opinions – give people that forum. I’m a believer in holding big, internal meetings so that the rank and file can get exposure to the top of the org chart.

Your job as a leader is to deal with the uncertainty, the negativity, & the hate that comes your way. And your job is to show up to work ready to inspire your troops & projecting confidence, even at the times when you yourself may be questioning.

And if you are questioning, then you need your own process & systems to get your mojo back – whether it is confiding in a trusted mentor, or simply taking a day or two off in order to get mental clarity through collecting your thoughts.

Having “alone time” & “thinking” – being a ‘thinker’ – is critical to leadership because it’s critical to vision – and as we’ve discussed, “vision” is one of reactants in the fundamental theorem of leadership.

To be a leader is to forge your own path against the tidal wave of uncertainty & negativity that will at certain points on the journey be leveled your way.

If you have the need to be loved at all times on the journey, then the role of leader is NOT for you.

To consistently need external validation is not being a leader, it’s being a “counter” – one who requires a prerequisite external “numerical vote” (a “count”) in order to execute decisions.

If you’re a leader, you need to have the courage of your own convictions & you need to have an inner place where you summon the internal fortitude to maintain emotional control against the tidal wave of hate/negativity/doubt/questioning [pick your adjective] that will come your way.

Clarity of purpose matters.  And that starts internally, in one’s own psyche.  If the “head” of the leader is not right, then how can you expect the rest of the “body” to function?

What Makes A Good Manager (Leader) – Part 4

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