About Me

  • Graduated from UCLA (proud Bruin!) and love my family more than anything
  • Former media consultant having advised on everything from big budget films, to every form of TV (basic cable to OTT), to business development in China.
  • Now Founder/CEO of a mobile app in private beta

My love of all things content started at a young age, inspired by the trips to the Academy Theatre with my grandfather, who was a 2-time Oscar nominee for screenwriting.

This love led me to build a large database over the course of 10+ years, which I have used to consult on projects ranging from a film & TV studio, to business development in China.

One of my heroes is James Simons (Renaissance Technologies) because I think that in general people are way too dismissive of the power of patterns in data (especially in the content sector where so many people feel threatened & see data analysis as interfering with the artistic process).

I believe that data & technology will actually be the liberators of artists & artistic expression in our future, not the enemies of it.

Anyway, I’ve been inspired by the knowledge exchange over blogs so prevalent in the technology industry & think that the content industry could benefit from such practices.

Therefore my goal is to build a community here, whereby both industries (SoCal’s content & NorCal’s technology) can communicate with each other.

I will start to promote this blog after my company launches.  I also am excited because I am going to challenge some of the posts by well-known VC’s — who I think write things that may not be optimal in regard to execution.


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