Oscar Predictions 2016 – Review

So per my last post where I made educated guesses, I will now review how I did…Overall, I guessed in 18 categories, and was right in 13/18 times for about 72% accuracy.

Picture – Wrong

Director – Right

Original Screenplay – Right

Adapted Screenplay – Right

Cinematography – Right

Film Editing – Right

Sound Editing – Wrong

Sound Mixing – Wrong

Original Score – Right

Production Design – Right

Costume Design – Right

Makeup & Hair Styling – Right

VFX – Wrong

Actor – Right

Actress – Right

Supporting Actor – Wrong

Supporting Actress – Right

Animated Feature – Right

Note:  my analytics do not predict who wins in what Oscar category. They evaluate $(CV) [content value] — this exercise was purely my making educated guesses in regard to my gut instinct of what I thought the Academy would reward.

Oscar Predictions 2016 – Review

Oscar Predictions 2016

NOTE 1:  The below does not reflect all categories.  I did not put in my 2 cents in categories I am not knowledgeable enough in this year.  The following reflects my guesses based on categories where I have seen enough content to have an opinion on what I think the Academy sentiment will be.

NOTE 2:  these are NOT my personal picks for what I feel should win, these are my guesses as to what I think will win based on Academy sentiment.  Please note this difference.

Picture – The Revenant

Director – The Revenant

Original Screenplay – Spotlight

Adapted Screenplay – The Big Short

Cinematography – The Revenant

Film Editing – Mad Max: Fury Road

Sound Editing – The Revenant

Sound Mixing – The Revenant

Original Score – The Hateful Eight

Production Design – Mad Max: Fury Road

Costume Design – Mad Max: Fury Road

Makeup & Hair Styling – Mad Max: Fury Road

VFX – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Actor – Leo DiCaprio

Actress – Brie Larson

Supporting Actor – Sly Stallone

Supporting Actress – Alicia Vikander

Animated Feature – Inside Out

Looking forward to seeing how accurate my guesses are!







Oscar Predictions 2016